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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 21, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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parts of baltimore could be for sale you could oon one it's historic landmarks. ritter) 12:34:58 the mmssage acceptable but its not accepatable ... ...a st. patrick's day mess. where it happened... and wwy police say they are partly to ann.. why you could soon start getting more.. not less... junk ail. 3 3 today is wednesday, march 21st. 3
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&pbaltimore's history could be
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for an attempt too baltimore is lookingginto of selling its historicclandmarks. meggn illiland is here with more on the concern it's raising. good mornnng patrice,,t nine o'clock this morning, the city's board of estimates will decide whether to spend 46-thousand dollars to study baltimore's landmarks.... andd in return see if it's worth it to lease them or even sell them off. off.there are fifteen landmarks now under review... including the hundred year old pumping station at the nner harbor which was shutdown as a museuu not long ago.and the now vacant pealeemuseum which opened 200-years ago.also the used to be the tallest poland park pumping station is also on the list... it's too expensiie to maintain... but too historic to forget. (16:46:40) "you throwing away what made baltimore, baltimore.. thats how i look at it. i mean you got the inner harbor, whats next you
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wanna sell that...?"(16:44:38) "i think as long as there's &psomething in the contract tha period of time, people may feel ore comffrtable...." comfortable...."many of hese 15 prooerties are officially designated as landmarks which means they can't be demolished... but not all of them. again, the bbard of estimates will decide today whether to it wwuld cost to study the gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 ttis morning... pollce are still trying to sort out what happeeed in a viollnt attack in owingssmills milllthis was the crime scene attthe townhouse development on spectator laae off &preisterstown roadd.. tuesday peopll weee stabbed aad at least one shot was fired, but no one was hitt 3 3 "prelimmnarily a group of individuals arrive at ....enttred a townhouse
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physical fight exit the house after the fight and left the ar" area." some members offthe group drove the two stabbing victims to the hospital.ann police say onn oo the viccims has a ife five people are bbhind the the spendinggplan mayor stephanie rawlings blake presents today... shows just baltimore. her budget will try closing a 48 million dollar gap. gap.we've learned she wants to clooe 3 firr companies and several rec centers. centers.she also waats to combine 9-1-1 and 3-111 call centers ... and increse the amoont ome city employees p3 today...theemarrland house of delegatts begins debate on governor o'malley's 35-billion dollar budget. many delegates favor scaling &pback massive iicreases in the
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income tax approvvd by the senate last week.that plan called for increases for virtually ll maaylanders.but a house committee has endorsed a hike in the income tax... only for indivvduals earniigg more than 100-thousand a year...ann couples making more than 150-thousand. (serafini) "it still taxes the top peoppe more, 82% oo the peopll as the argument won't be affected by the changes by the house amendments but i'' concneennd about that other 18% because they pay a disparate amount of taxes in to" total."a house committee also rejected a proposed ales tax on tems yyu purchase "on-line." 3&a throat cancer sufferer... speaks to lawmakers in annapolls... urging them to increase taxes on smokeless tob. tobacco.tte illinois man says years of using snuff has ttken it's toll.he had adical surgery tt remooe half his neck muscles.. and lymph nodee. (von behrens) "i started when i was 13, i was diagnosed with cancer at 17, i've been through 34 surgeries, hundreds
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of treatments, millions of dollars in medical bills." bills."lawmakers are increase for smokeless tobacco and small cigars. tell lawmakers what you think about this information for your lawmakers is on our baltimooeedot com... slash ... your voice. 3 there were 54 delegates at stake inthe illinois primary... and mitt romney is going hommewith the majority of them. them.the former massachusetts governor claims victory in leaving illinois with the entire pie of delegates.he'll have to share some with rick santorum...he finished second. fox45 is your source for vote ... go to fox baltimore dot com... and clicc on vote 2012... tab on the left of your'll find compleee coveragee... as the race for he white house heats up. arrest of a man who fatally
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shot a florrda teen but has not been arressed or charged. some claim 28-year-old george zimmerman confrooted 17- year-old trayvon artin after deeeing him suspicious because he's bllck.a police report describes the shooter as a white mall.but as reg black explains... his family said he's a spanish-speaking minorit. minority. noopeace! no justiceeoutrage is steaming in the trayvon maatin case -- withhan n- double-a-c-p rally in sanford, fllrida and a march for justice in the state's capitol... tallahassee. jussice for tayvon!the teen was fatally sot by george zimmerman last month. - zimmeeman says eeffred in self-defense.police say they have no evidenne that disputes &phis attorney for mmrtin's family says they want accion -- nnw.we want to have geooge zimmerman arrested for killing trayvon martin in cold blood. he had a 9 millimeter gun. trayvon martin had a bag defense in that?more than 700---
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thousand people have igned an online petition to get zimmermannprosecuted.and "a million hoodies march" in new york city has been orggnized through facebook.the goal is justice for martin -- who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt when he died -- and to end racial profiling.more than two thousand people say they willl go to new york's union square tonight (wednesday night) . meanwhill, fllrrda governoo rick scott cautions agaiist a rush to judgment.none of us but i think the first ssep is - &plet's find out what happened local and the fdle (fl dept. of law enforcement) and fbi i think the positive, we'll find that out first.i'm gree black repprting. zimmerman's family has denied race played any role in the incident.nuuerous attempts too reach zimmerman have been unsucccssful.his father says home after getting death s threats.
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a 7-point-4 magnitude earthquake strikes southern mexico... damaging hundredd of homess theepowerful uaae also 2-hundred miles away from the epicenter. scientists say mexico's paciffc coast is no stranger to powerful earthquakes.since 19-73... the u-s geological survey has counted 15 quakes with a magnitude-7 or larger innthat region. meanwhile... first daughter malia obama is in mexico right now.white house officials say she's doing finn... aad was nnver ii any danger.the 13-year-old is thereeon a class trip for spring break. 3 we are following breaking news just into our newwroom.right now... police in france are in in a deadly school shoottng.t - france's interior minister says the gunnan has throon his handgun out oo a window... and is now talking with negottators.. but they do
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believe he is still armed.thee shooting happened monday in the french town of tolouse aa a jewish school.three jewish &palso wanted for two other atttcks where a rabbi and three paratroopers were killed. he has ties to al qaida.. and says he is "taking revenge for palestinian childrrn." left a big mess in canton this year... and now police admitting they made some misttkes wwth crrwd controo. control.garbageddcovered sidewalks as well as the square following st patrick's day festivities at canton square.the ess left any in tte community to wonder why police allowed open containers issuing any citations.ithout - 3 11:52:29 i walked through heee around 8 pm on saturday night and it was packed it was kind was like theepreakness which abnormal for st patricks day s - square 11:5224312:34410 where the ball wws dropped was with the officersswe alerted them and they continued tt allow the patrons to drink in the square wiih open containers and that spilled over onno the neighboring streets :22 :22 police say they were slow inn
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their response. council members and the community have since met in an effort to the future.from happening in st. patrick's day was last weekend, but celebrating the irish takes more than just one day for have another chance to partake in somm irish traditions. embers of the gaelic athleeic associatiin are ii federal hill this morning to ttke joel d. smith throouh "irrsh games 101" good morning joel d. 3 sara clearybaltimore gaelic athletic assoc. 3
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a massachusetts plumber is now financially sst... for the rest of his life.39-year-old bruce campbell s the first winner of the new multi-state lottery game... called "lucky for life."he will get one- thousand-dollars a day... for &pthe rest of his llfe."lucky dollars eachhthe game is played in all six new england statts. newt wants aa apology... it was at an obama fundraiser, it is exactly wrong, it dividesstte ountry countrythe actor's comments that set him off...and the camp.nse from the obama camp..- ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((ad lib ((ad lib meteorollgist))
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3 a glimmer of hope for the housing market... market...what builders are doing or the firrt time in years. i call on the president to apologize for him. ppus... newt gingrich upset he wants president obama to apologize for...and why he says ... he's responssble for
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a comment made by that actor. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
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accor robert deniro made a comment that angered some people, including republican presidential candidate nnwt resports... now the the former house speaker now wants an
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&papology from president obama. --reporter pkg-as ffllows --at a monday niggt fundraiser michelle obama academy award winning movie star robert de niro --accompaniee by is wife, race hightower, made a immediately and opened deniro uppas fair game in the republican race for the nomination. deniro was qqoted in a white house pool rrport as saying mentiooing the wivess of the republican candidates. callista gingrich. karen you rrally think our country - is ready for a white first laay? in the morning former house speaker newt ginggich, trailing badly in the polls, and campaigning in louisiana, seizzd on the cooment and apologize for what deniro had - said.what deniro said last night was inexccsable and the prrsident shoulddapologize for &phim. it was at aa obamm fundraiser, it is exactly wrong, it divides the ccuntry. if people on the left want o talk about talk show hosts, then everybodd in the country should hold the presideet accountable when somebodyyat his event says something that is utterly and totally deniro said last night and i call on the president to apologize for him. the sallo by gingrich launched a free
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republicans and conservatives obamas for what some construed as racially insensitive remarks, while supporters of the first family suggested deniro's comments amounted to a harmless joke, eepecially considering the ffct that all other us firss ladies except for mrs obama were white. nonetheless when we asked if the president would apologize, it was the first lady's campaign office that responded with this six word email: we beeieve the joke was inappropriate. robert de niro issued a stattment also saying my remarrs, although spoken with satiriccl jest, were not meant to offend or embarrrss anyone--especially he first laddy one of the larger political questions though is how louisiana voters might react to gingrich's reaction on thii issuei think it is good strategy for gingrich to focus his attacks on obama as republican candidatts because what republicanssare saying is that they're tired of all the in-fighting and all the muu-slinging in the republican put out a statement from an n - african american advisor asserting that if a republican or conservative had made an equivalent statemmnt there pure straight ahead...
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n-b-a star... jeeemy lin... cashing in on hissname.thee power house compann he's now teaming up with. 3((break 3)) 3
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buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? new bounty. the clean picker upper. -reporter pkg-aa follows -- stocks llgged on tuesday ---
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as inveetors worried about global growth prospects.the dow jones industrial average nassaq and the s&p 500 each dipped slightly.a glimmer of hope is on the horizon for the housing filed permits to build new homes at the fastesttpace in nearly three and half years last month.but the sector isn't out of the woods yet -- nee home building ctivity actuallyy slipppd a bit last month. that's after strong tart to basketball phenomenon is putting wheels on his brand. jeremy lin ---the asian-american point guard for the new york knicks -- has a new deal to promote volvo, which is nowwowned by a phinese company.the two--ear the u-s and asia.lin became an overnight sensation last month. the undrafted player wenttfrom bench-warmer, to a high deal with nike..mazon-dot-com 3 army of robots..he online retailer is buying kiva sysyems for 775 million doolars.the commany makes orange robots that scoot around warehouse is already a kiva customer.for business brief, i'm edgar treiguts -----end-----cnn.script--- she's only two... she's ooly two...but
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she knows how love can turn sou. sour.nats of singing. little one's renditioo.. of ann aaele hit. 3 3 turn left. one of nine volkswagen modes named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power


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